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18-Oct-2017 06:13

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It’s not that you should act on every impulse that you have on the assumption that your accumulated wisdom will steer your impulses every time.

The trick, I think, is how to tell the difference between an impulse and an instinct.

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You’ve learned that nobody interesting is attracted to you when you act helpless. Or you can listen to your own judgment and your own experience, and you can admit that you have, in whatever painful way, probably learned a lot.

How do we end up with people who turn others off, but turn us on?

I think it’s those damn human feelings getting in the way again.

The one thing you can trust is that you’ve been down this path before and you know how it ends….

It may make perfect sense to be gun-shy following a string of mistakes, but the present is not the past, and you are not the same as you were during your last relationship.

You’ve learned that showing off how damaged and needy you are will only attract drama. You can go on the theory that you don’t know anything. Of course, the problem is the fact that not all your instincts should be obeyed.

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Make a mirthful virtue out of what age has done and continues to do to you, and you are not a helpless victim of time's ravages; nor are you at the mercy of a man's supposed preference for youth.… continue reading »

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