Spinal dating

26-Jun-2017 15:44

Remember that this is a guide, not a scientific study — there are many more superb and highly-skilled consultants all over the country.

Here are our top ten spinal surgeons, plus some highly recommended runners-up.

A scrupulously honest surgeon who is realistic about the potential outcome of surgery and won’t give false hope.

He always put his patients interest first — not the sort to get any private patient to sign up for surgery before leaving his consulting room.

Spinal surgeons use both open surgery and keyhole techniques to operate, and access the spine either through the back or through a so-called bikini line incision in the tummy.

Keyhole surgery for these procedures has the edge in ensuring you’re up and about with less pain following surgery, while open surgery may give the surgeon a better view of the problem so might pay dividends for some patients in the longer term.

‘Those from a neurosurgical background are the electricians, they deal with more specialised surgery involving the nerves of the spine.’ Both operate on some of the most common back complaints, such as a slipped or ruptured disc — here fragments of the disc are removed to stop it pressing on the nerves.

He’ll make sure all the alternatives — physio-therapy, osteopathy and acupuncture — have been exhausted before going further. An absolute wizard, particularly for complex spinal surgery.A spinal surgeon with a great deal of experience who specialises exclusively in the lower back.