Spinal cord injury dating

26-Sep-2017 23:53

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Brad's wife of seven years, Amy, had never met anybody in a wheelchair before him.

"On our first date I knew instantly she was the one I wanted to be with," he recalled.

This is important too when it comes to having kids.

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If you go to the movies, decide whether you want to stay in your chair or transfer into a seat. [where you can’t sweat] When I’m with my wife, Joy [who is able-bodied], we plan outings and events around what we can do together, not what we can’t.

They will just have to do them differently.” Below we share Bert’s thoughts on a topic that everyone thinks about from time to time – the ups and downs of dating with a disability. However, once people see that you’re in a wheelchair, you have to address the point and keep going, so they understand that you’re not just someone in a wheelchair. ” And the next step is that I start talking to them.

Dating 101 for People Who Are Newly Injured – Spinal Cord Injury Q: Will people still want to date me? Then they get their minds off the wheelchair and find out that I’m really a person.

At our annual forum on dating and relationships-which fell on Valentine's Day this year-several people with SCI shared their personal experiences of coming to grips with their changed selves and making their way in the world of dating and mating after injury.

When Brad * became paralyzed from the chest down after a motorcycle accident in 1991, he went in an instant from being "close to 6 foot 4 and 215 4 feet 5 inches( in a wheelchair)." After leaving the hospital, he worried about what people saw when they looked at him and what assumptions they might be making about him-did they see him, or did they see a disabled person?That way your date can decide if that’s a factor or not. You need to decide whether or not it’s appropriate, depending on your age and relationship level.

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