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05-Oct-2017 00:28

After window shopping, we would find a café just off the avenue for a bite to eat while we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. She’s got a lovely face with large eyes that can be soulful, mischievous or piercing, and luscious full lips, firm natural 34-B breasts with nipples the color of black licorice, sleek arms with long delicate fingers, a taut flat belly, wide hips (at least 40 inches), and long legs with tapering thighs and shapely calves.

Gwen is a serious amateur dancer and so she has flexibility throughout her body and her arms and legs are very powerful without being bulky. I, on the other hand, am a white man, more than 6 feet tall, rather muscular, but with the beginnings of that spare tire all men seem to develop at some point in their lives.

She asked me to join her in our bedroom in 30 minutes. My cock was oozing pre-cum and I desperately wanted to shoot my load, but I called up every reserve of willpower that I had and waited. Gwen was lying facedown on the bed, completely naked. She oohed and aahed and seemed to melt in my hands as I rubbed her feet.

Her legs were spread apart and I could clearly make out the bright pink slash between her dark chocolate thighs. Next, I gently but firmly rubbed and kneaded her back. Of course, there was the accidental (on purpose) touching of Gwen’s labia and opening of her vagina.

Gwen and I are both in our mid 50’s and we’ve been together for more than 25 years.She makes it look so natural and effortless, even thought I know she’s working very hard.Gwen exudes a definite style and grace in her movements.I was very turned on by her and started to rub my cock through my pants. I often play with myself while watching her dance (or cook or do the laundry or sit in a chair reading a book).

Soon I had my pants and BVDs off and was stroking my penis where she could see it.The rain fell hard and steady that weekend afternoon.

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