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10-Aug-2017 09:48

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"I think that's what's probably a little wrong with me now," she said."I mark that up to doing some extreme damage in my psyche as an adult person." Nick Jonas revealed that some of the luxurious trips Disney sent their stars on together felt like summer camp.“[I have] Lots of memorable moments from the Disney days,” Nick shared in an interview with Buzz Feed.But Cameron says the Disney Channel family has always been supportive.

"Everybody that works for the company is so kind and lovely that it really is like a big family and no one's telling anyone to say that." The expectations of being the star of your own show can be just as intense as you'd imagine, especially when you're surrounded by so many other super talented young stars."We've always had respect and wished the best for each other. It's more gratitude for having had a good friend in a time of craziness in my life and in hers." Such a gentlemanly response!In what was perhaps the most intriguing question of all, Nick was also up front when the magazine asked him how it feels to be objectified in the media, thanks to his newfound sex-symbol image."For me, it's not so much feeling objectified but more a pressure to maintain a certain look," he revealed.I think I would change the song," Nick admitted about the soundtrack to his de-virginization.

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"I don't want to say what song it was, but it was depressing. It was a bad draw."Reiterating the fact that he has never had sex to his own music ("That's a no-fly zone!

Joe said catering to an audience of children and pretending to be younger than he was took its toll on him.