Jonathan goodhand corrupting consolidating peace

23-Oct-2017 00:39

By analysing the societal structures, governmental institutions and economic systems of these environments, it will be possible to identify the broad factors that contribute to an environment conducive to corruption.

In addition, the liberal peacebuilding thesis will be analysed and critiqued, with surprising results that may provide a further explanation for high levels of corruption in post-conflict environments.

It originates with Joseph Nye, who defines corruption as of corruption is too narrow.

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Conceptual Problems: Defining & Contextualising Corruption in a Post-Conflict Situation Behind the vast and complex issues which frame the relationship between corruption and peacebuilding in post-conflict countries lie a number of substantial conceptual problems linked to how we define corruption and how we understand its position in unstable political contexts.Firstly, it will be necessary to conceptualise corruption in terms of definition and context.

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