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04-Oct-2017 15:16

These all coincided with a slowing in the rotation of the Earth, scientists found.'Next year, we should see a significant increase in the numbers of severe earthquakes. So far, we have only had about six severe earthquakes', he said.'We could easily have 20 a year starting in 2018.' Since 1990, more than 80 per cent of all magnitude 7 earthquakes on the eastern Caribbean plate boundary have occurred in the five years following a maximum deceleration.During these periods there could be up to 30 intense earthquakes every year, while the rest of the time the average figure was around 15 quakes.'The Earth is offering us a five-year heads-up on future earthquakes', said Dr Bilham, who said the Earth began a slowdown more than four years ago.If it were to erupt, the Yellowstone supervolcano would be one thousand times as powerful as the 1980 Mount St Helens eruption, experts claim - although they say the risk is 'low'.A swarm of hundreds of earthquakes have hit Yellowstone National Park, the highest number within a single week in the past five years.These slow-downs happen around every three decades and line up with clusters of earthquakes.Researchers found five periods in the past century when there were more earthquakes than other times.Swarms of devastating earthquakes are set to arrive next year due to the slowing of Earth's rotation, scientists claim.

These bulges pull the moon closer or farther away from Earth by around 4cm per year.However, if you go looking for correlations with other natural phenomenon, you will almost certainly find some interesting matches.'This research comes just after a 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck Iran, leaving at least 400 people killed and more than 6,000 injured.The quake hit 19 miles southwest of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan at around 9.20pm on Sunday, when many people would have been at home. Experts do not know exactly why this happens but believe minuscule variations in rotation causes a shift in the shape of the Earth's iron and nickel 'inner core' which eventually changes the liquid outer core on which the Earth's tectonic plates rest This in turn changes the liquid outer core on which the Earth's tectonic plates rest.

As the Earth slows down it's equatorial diameter reduces,' Dr Bilham told BBC Inside Science.'Its (the Earth's) waistline gets smaller, but its clothes, the tectonic plates on Earth, remain the same size, which means they get rumpled up.''These tiny changes to the overall shape of the Earth are enough, if there are faults that are already ready to go ... The planet's rotation is slowing down because of tidal forces between Earth and the moon.Next year we could have at least 20 serious earthquakes, and the most intense ones are expected to occur in tropical regions, home to around one billion people.

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