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A light comedy featuring the hottest young Mandarin pop idols, Pasta stars the sweet Cyndi Wang and singer Nicholas Teo who always sings with a charming smile - the Chinese title of this drama actually translates as "Smiling Pasta".

If there's no real feelings like Gino and Xiao Qiao then it's easier to fool around with each other off screen.

The drama opens with Hsiao-shi about to celebrate her 3-month anniversary with her boyfriend by having her grandfather's special pasta dish.

Unfortunately, she gets dumped by her boyfriend yet again, exactly three months after they started dating.

The cover version of the old song It's So Easy by Cyndi Wang unveils every episode, whereas Nicholas Teo's enchanting "Tears of Polaris" concludes the show. * Screen Format: 4:3 * Sound Mix: AC-3 2.0 * DVD Type: DVD-9 成曉詩,微笑Pasta義大利麵店的女兒,一個被戀情永遠不滿三個月的魔咒纏身的女孩,今天,是她跟男友Peter的戀情屆滿三個月的日子,在全家人支持鼓勵之下,吃下爺爺為她準備的「愛戀九十年」義大利麵,曉詩信心滿滿地赴約,沒想到,Peter卻只用一個紅綠燈的時間跟曉詩--告別?!就在曉詩跟Peter戀情滿三個月的這一天,曉詩又被甩了…。 都市的另一頭,偶像歌手何群正在舉行新歌發表會,何群青梅竹馬的女友Rita前來獻花,為他造勢,沒想到,Rita卻在轉身後,被何群的弟弟阿哲帶走,Rita從此成了阿哲的女朋友。遭受情感重大打擊的何群,失神地離開新歌發表會現場,卻因為躲避狗仔跟拍,跟狗仔展開街頭追逐,就在街頭的轉角,失意的何群,撞上了剛被Peter甩了的曉詩,兩人猛烈的撞擊使得何群的嘴唇意外吻上了曉詩,狗仔見機不可失,趕緊用相機拍下這難得的一刻,這張照片,更成為第二天八卦新聞的頭條! 曉詩跟何群的這一撞,不但撞出了曉詩跟何群的浪漫情緣,也撞出了漫天緋聞,曉詩這個平凡的女孩,遇上何群這個大明星,有如掃把星過境,倒楣鬼附身,伴隨在後的是一件又一件倒楣趣味的事將要發生……

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微笑Pasta 幕後特輯 ●再來一客 微笑Pasta幕後特輯 ●開鏡記者會 ●點菜囉! ●汗水與淚水交織的微笑Pasta ●酸甜苦辣排行榜 ●提味香料 ●殺青囉 甜蜜的滋味! ●餐廳就在159號 獨家收錄:精彩NG、拍攝花絮 ●遊樂園驚魂 ~ Gino嚇哭了!?If the two series were to be compared I would say Full House is better. The first episode captured my attention and made me addicted to the series.

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